Advertising hands BPO Solutions

24/7 Answering Services to Power Your Business

When it comes to offering clients outstanding support, Advertisinghands BPO Solutions is among the best business process outsourcing company. The best proactive support techniques are provided by our exceptional agents and superior outsourcing possibilities for handling customer concerns before they emerge. The major benefit our agents have over other BPOs is that they are native English speakers and, due to their proximity to your clients' locations, share many cultural traits with them. Our BPO services turn into a reliable partner and seamless team member as your business establishes and maintains a highly effective customer support operation.

INBOUND Call Center Services

Our BPO Solutions, which employs a sizable number of knowledgeable and highly qualified customer support agents, provides state-of-the-art inbound customer assistance. All incoming client questions and sales-related requests can be successfully handled by these representatives.

Direct Response Call Center

Want to make a lasting impression on your clients? Answering client calls around the clock is made easier by our direct response call center services. We provide 24/7 call center services to respond to your customers' inquiries, day or night.

Live Phone Answering Services

Our live answering service and live chat answering service options have been demonstrated to enhance customer satisfaction ratings compared to businesses that simply use voicemail or automated systems.

Medical Answering Services

We offer a variety of service structures to fit the needs of various medical organizations. This may entail the replacement of the typical receptionist in some hospitals, clinics, and private offices with round-the-clock assistance for screening overflow calls and directing emergency communications. Others may use an after-hours medical answering service to supplement their office staff. Pick the combination that best suits the requirements of your medical facility.

Chat Support Services

Consider us your virtual sales team if your website serves as your virtual showroom. Our chat support representatives are available to contact your potential clients as soon as they enter your online showroom to deliver the personalized interaction that differentiates you from your competitors.

Outsourced Tech Support

We assist software firms and technology developers in ensuring effective and efficient customer communication for improved customer experience management. You can make sure that your clients are always given correct and up-to-date information on the technical elements of your products and services by outsourcing support services to us.

Outsourced Email Support

Do you find it challenging to answer emails from customers? Do you intend to guarantee a prompt and precise reaction to them? Then, outsource email support services to us and raise your level of client satisfaction by responding to their inquiries promptly and accurately.

OUTBOUND Call Center Services

Our staff of outbound call center agents is highly skilled and has a wealth of expertise in handling a variety of consumer calls. They are committed to giving you streamlined, focused outbound calling services and making sure you get the most return on your investment.

Appointment Setting Services

Many small and medium-sized enterprises depend on outbound and inbound appointment-setting services. An efficient and scalable technique to conduct appointment setting is outsourcing. As a result, our specialists are prepared to assess your particular scenario and carefully pair your company with the ideal call center agents in our extensive vendor network.

Call Back Services

With our callback service, we enable you to increase sales, save time, and enhance customer satisfaction. Clients will always be aware of your availability and can count on a prompt response when working with Advertisinghands BPO, so there's no guessing game!

Live Call Transfer

We transfer calls in the same way that a local receptionist would.Pick how, when, and to whom to transfer incoming calls. Make an instant choice on whether to accept or reject the call.

Tele Marketing Services

We provide efficient, highly competent telemarketing services that might reshape the course of your company. You can anticipate time, money, and effort savings along with higher sales when our qualified, experienced specialists conduct telemarketing on your behalf.